Just a random english post passing through

Hi everyone!
I’ll be working and studying in Rīga for a few years and I’m from here originally. I speak English and bad Russian :) I don’t have any friends here though, I wish I had someone to hang out with because every holiday I just sit at home and go crazy lol.
I really hesitate to go to meet-ups and such things though because there’s a language barrier and all
I’m 21 and I’m interested in everything Japan related as I’m studying Japanese :)
I have other interests as well so I get along with anyone. (makeup, art, music etc)
I know it takes courage to reply to a post like this but if you want to chat then please send me a message or reply to this post :)
(not interested in anything other than being friends though lol)


Welcome to to Hanami meetup tomorrow

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Nice to have you here!

Language barrier certainly is there, but our community mostly is well versed in English. And a little bit in Russian. Most of us watch anime translations in English or Russian.

What do you study here in Riga?


Welcome to one of most mythical places in internet!

As @m1raz say, tomorrow we have Hanami meet up. Stuffs like chill, talking, play some game and have fun included.

But where are you from? And how long you been in Latvia? And how you find this home page?


Welcome. I dont think you should worry about language barrier, mostly everyone here knows english a little bit xD



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I guess that’s true, and most people speak decent English, but it still feels awkward to start a conversation in it :)

herroo ;3 how long have you been studying japanese?

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a few years! but I started studying it seriously and with a teacher this year :) are you studying it too?

i have had japanese classes - just basics. but everything i know - anime bby ;D

oh good job :smile:

@Farlien knows Japanese as well!




Hello :slight_smile:

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Hello :ureshii:

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It’s awkward irl I guess, but in internet I don’t think u should worry about that,cuz writing in english is easier then speaking + u always can use google translate, or check and correct your written text xd


Greetings from the resident wizard.


Welcome Dear! I am cat, and yes almost 80% of this community is anime based cute weirdos that actually speak english pretty well…

Make yourself at home!

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Do you watch any anime? If yes, whats your poison at the moment?

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